Aurel Flubacher

B earings are really fascinating. Although they are geared to many of our daily routine procedures, you usually can't see or hear them. Yet our everyday life would stagnate without them. They empower the automotive engines which take us to work and adjust the servomotors of photovoltaic cells towards the sun. Their application possibilities are already countless but still get enhanced by new constructions, lubrication or materials.

The quality of the bearings is a decisive factor for their performance ability. They have to be able to fulfill maximum capacity continuously right up to their load limit. Only thus facilities will work energy efficient and engines can run fuel efficient.

That's why the steadily attention of our team apply for the quality assurance. Our products are conceptualized, developed, produced and examined with special diligence. Our experience and passion slip in every single bearing wearing our name. CQ stands for Controlled Quality and only the best products leave our warehouses. Each of our home brand products is therefore an ambassador of our work.

We support you in every single step to accomplish your application targets. We keep an ear on the market and keep popular bearing types in stock. If we aroused your interest we would be glad about a conversation with you.

CQ© in standard- und premium version

W e offer our home brand CQ© in standard and premium version, vach with different material, lubricant, clearance and seal or shield possibilities

Our price/performance winner

The standard version is already engineered for a wide application range. Economic solution, suitable for many kinds of requirements, immaculate to the general quality and performance level.

Premium Motion: electric-motor-quality
Our premium-motion bearings are characterized by their additional precision: Consumedly running smoothness and strict observance of tolerances classify PreMo. It is is the first choice for particular application requirements by considering many quality parameters. We also provide you with quality certifications like measurement reports, initial sample inspection reports and technical drawings.

I n the bearing information-jungle one can get stray easily. If you trim the word-undergrowth, there often won't be much left. For us quality is not an empty word! When it comes to that we are not willing to compromise. CQ stands for Controlled Quality and that is our mission. But only the purpose is not enough. Consistent planning and monitoring according to industry standard guidelines are scale and guarantor for permanent product quality on an even keel. To assure your process reliability only solid and controlled products leave our warehouses.

Precision work during the production and associated quality tests succeeds because of experienced staff who works at state-of-the-art equipment.

Our comprehensive inspections and measurement processes contain chemical and physical properties of material composition, dimensions, surface finish, clearance, vibration and noise. By request every item can be checked individually before the delivery.

Defined standards of documentation through the entire process of manufacturing assure our quality aspiration and a long operating life of our products. Due to interim audits and the conclusive final inspections we can verify the assurance of quality for our PreMo-products by providing measurement reports, initial sample inspection reports and technical drawings. You’re welcome to request them from us.